Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have so many dreams it seems impossible to think I'll ever have time for all of them or that I'd have the money and resources, but anythings possible if you just believe. Just being able to think about them is amazing. There is always hope!
  • I'd love to hike: anywhere and everywhere. Places that amaze me. Places that I'll never forget. Just to go and hike, take time for myself, reflect, be alone and with God in the middle of nature's beauty.

  • I'd love to hike the Appalachian Trail at some point. Six months of demanding physical, emotional and spiritual hard work. A time to rely on nobody else but God and yourself.

  • I'd love to travel: to go to places like Africa, New Zealand, South America, Australia, and across the United States. To explore and learn about other cultures and traditions. To see unbelievable sites that take my breath away. Ideally in the process of all the adventure, to get involved in helping in some way or another would be amazing.

  • I'd love to get married and raise a family. To have a loving family and husband is priceless and at the present moment I can finally see that in my future.

  • I'd love to help young girls with their struggles for identity and positive self-image and confidence. To inspire them to love who they truly are and to treat their bodies with respect. To teach them to love God and be all that they can be.

  • I'd love to try new things. To always be open to a new adventure. To not let fear hold me back from getting out and experiencing all that life has to offer.

  • I'd love to volunteer my time in something that I believe in.
  • I'd love to inspire someone. Make a difference.

  • I'd love to share God with someone who needs Him the most.

  • I'd love to just live while being true to all that I am and will become.

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