Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i found this article on lyved.com, thought it was interesting and thought i'd share it.

50 things to say before you die

1. thanks for everything you've done.
2. you have changed my life.
3. i need you.
4. i've only got one life to live.
5. nothing can stop me.
6. i love life.
7. there's nothing i'd rather be doing.
8. i can change the world.
9. i will change the world.
10. i have changed the world.
11. i am rich without money.
12. i'm doing what i was meant to do.
13. i conquered my biggest fear.
14. glad to help you.
15. i have all the money i need.
16. i don't care what people think.
17. i'm honest.
18. i'm going for it!
19. i'm proud of myself.
20. i've failed.
21. i've learned from my failures.
22. i have no regrets.
23. i don't like my life (once you acknowledge that you don't like your life, you can begin to change it).
24. i've never had more fun in my life.
25. you hurt me.
26. there's more to life than this.
27. i love you no matter what.
28. i've accomplised a lot.
29. you've been successful.
30. i'm listening.
31. i'm here for you.
32. words can't discribe the way i feel.
33. i'm not giving up.
34. there is no place like home.
35. it was a pleasure to talk with you.
36. i have all the time in the world.
37. i don't have any worries.
38. i need a hand.
39. you're my best friend.
40. i'm glad you were here.
41. i'm just gonna go for it.
42. i can't thank you enough.
43. i'm trusting my gut.
44. i follow my own path.
45. what a wonderful world.
46. i take full responsibility.
47. i'm not sorry.
48. i came, i saw, i conquered.
49. i haven't said enough.
50. i'm not afraid.

so, how many can you already cross off?

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