Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lyrics Poem

a poem i wrote from song lyrics i liked...

Be still and know that I am

This world’s so unforgiving

My heart goes out to you

We all need to believe

Is that You

Is this me

We all need to believe

That we are not alone

My heart and soul are caving in

I know You hear me

Breathe in

Breathe out

I can’t relax

But I know You’re beating my heart

I hold this hope inside

My faith seems so small

Even in my darkest hour

I will believe

All I want is for Your love to hold me

Straight and narrow

Wide and shallow

Running home to You

It crashes over me

What went wrong

Here in Your arms

Is the place where I belong

Seems like no one cares

The inside is beautiful

But the outside we wanna change

Why do we want to change

I lay in bed awake

Do not fear what you don’t really know

Don’t give up on love

Why do we break the promises we make

Are we living for ourselves

When did it become

So easy to run from our pain

I need you to know

My arms are wide open

Yesterday I could not feel this

Find me

Won’t you find me tonight

You speak without sound

Your love is so loud

I turn and run

To You.

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