Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's you...and only you=]

the way you make me feel is beyond words

i feel like the most amazing and luckiest girl alive

when i'm in your loving arms

it's only you and me


he makes me slow down. appreciate the little things.

he makes me relax. calm.

he makes me laugh like i've never laughed.

he makes me smile like i've never smiled.

he makes me live like i've never lived before.

he makes me love like i've never been hurt.

i love thinking about the future

all the prospective memories

the fantasies

of a beautiful wedding

of beautiful children

of dreams coming true

as much as i love thinking about that

i remember to stay in this moment

to never take any little, amazing moment for granted

being with him is a dream within itself

to have somebody like him

i'm so lucky

it's incredible

he's everything i wanted

he's everything and more

i can honestly say that i can see us together when we're old and gray

with children and grandchildren

still holding hands

i smile

it's all i can do

i will never go anywhere

i will always be right near his side

for better and worse

'til death do us part

no matter what

i love him

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